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It's time to dream and meditate Today sees a lovely link between Mercury and Neptune `which makes it great for anyone who likes to.
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You deserve that much. Something you value or hold to be true about love may be challenged this weekend, especially as you may meet someone who's not your normal type. Though instead of hiding out in your Cancer shell; sit down, open up and find out what this person may have to teach you. Might be a pleasant surprise. When it comes to your love life right now, The Lovers tarot card comes to mind. In Tarot, while The Lovers can point to an actual relationship, it sometimes comes up when someone's values are in question too.

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In this case, it's yours. If you're ready for love, why are you still suffering fools? If you've been finding your love life is lacking, maybe it's time to take a brief time out and ramp up the self-love instead. In many ways, we can often attract what we focus on and if you think true partnership can't happen for you, it won't. Try re-framing your thoughts on love and watch what happens. Is your idea of love a little too idealistic or perfect.

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While you should definitely have the perfect love for you , it's important to remember that people don't often come in nice and neat little packages. Sometimes they're messy and flawed. You just need to find the right balance between the two. While you're not the type to back down from a competition, know that your love life isn't one.

What January's Leo Horoscope Means for You

A little healthy tension can be nice for romance, but one-upping each other is not. If you can't play nicely together, don't play at all.

While the kind of love that you both crave and need now may challenge some of your more footloose ways, know that it doesn't mean a loss of your prized freedom. It just means you're learning the importance of having a home base and someone to share it with too. Freedom through security is your mantra. While you've never been one for small talk, this weekend you should find that your need for intimate and soulful conversations to be stronger than usual. Go with it, as the right exchange with the right person could open you up in a way that changes how you see the world.

In other words: enjoy it! School of rocks. You can have anything you want if you believe, Aries. Yes, anything!

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The universe plans to surprise you this week by making one of your wildest dreams comes true. Giving into temptations will put you on the straight road to heartbreak. Leo, do you love yourself enough to say no to other people? The Universe plans to surprise you this week by making one of your wildest dreams comes true. Things are especially lit on the romance front, with the gods and goddesses of love working in your favour.

All you need to do is open your heart and allow yourself to receive the many blessings.

Cosmic tip: Allow yourself to receive the love you have been putting into the cosmos. Do you realise how counterproductive this is to your growth? Allow yourself to listen even if you want to scream your guts own. Approaching the situation in a calm and composed manner will help you triumph over the demons within and without. Gemini, of the 99 problems you are imagining right now, are made up. When fear and anxiety get the better of you, stop, breathe, recenter. Even better, shake your booty. Visualise all the stress leaving you as you do.

Is there an important decision that needs to be made?

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PS: The Universe has got a plan for you. Why splurge on a new sweatshirt when you can give the one you own a fabulous makeover? Get nifty with both your wardrobe and your finances. Creating a reserve for yourself will help you invest in your big dreams later on.

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Do you love yourself enough to say no to other people? Boundaries, Leo, boundaries. The optimism with which you start your day could quickly run out, as others impose unrealistic demands on your time and energy. Honour your duties and responsibilities towards yourself first. Those who truly love you will create an environment conducive to your growth, rather than holding you back.

Cosmic tip: Love yourself enough to say no to the unrealistic demands of other people. Scrolling your social media feed to see what your co-workers have been upto is so Goodbye, FOMO! Have you been introduced to JOMO yet? Things to do today: cancel your plans in favour of staying in bed and watching your favourite shows, while your fluffy feline friend cuddles up to you, of course!

The joy of missing out is going to feel like a revelation.

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You never know what might transpire under these magical skies. As such, new avenues of socialising are opening for you. Say yes to the unknown and let the Universe surprise you! What is life if not a living, breathing artwork? You turn to world of art and beauty to make sense of the world.