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Free horoscope for February for all 12 zodiac signs. to the signs of water ( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) A cosmic harmony conducive to many personal plans.
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Today is an especially potent and beautiful time to connect with your inner wisdom, do some psychic work, and hold emotions that were previously repressed dismissed, thanks to Mercury's connection with Neptune. You're a realistic and down-to-earth person, Taurus, but you love to get caught up in whimsy from time to time, and that's exactly what's in store for you to today as communication planet Mercury mingles with the planet of fantasy, Neptune.

2020 Cancer Horoscope Preview

An empathetic energy flows between you and your partners. Your ruling planet Mercury has been busy helping you get organized, but it connects with whimsical Neptune today, bringing a brilliant boost to your creativity and your intuitive powers, benefiting your career and reputation. Messenger planet Mercury connects with Neptune, the planet of fantasy, creating a magical energy for you, dear Cancer!

This is a brilliant time for adventure—your mind is expanding. A celebratory energy flows and romance is in the air: Go dancing with friends! Flirt with your crush! Communication planet Mercury has plenty to say, but as it connects with dreamy Neptune today, it's all about feelings, not words. Empathetic communication flows and it's a lovely time to discuss your feelings or connect with your home and family. Your ruling planet Mercury is all about the details, but today it connects with Neptune, the planet of fog, fantasy, and film a medium that's easily manipulated, exaggerated, and glamorized.

As these planets meet, your imagination expands and soft, gentle communication is shared between you and your partners.

Areas of Expansion in 2020 for Cancer:

It's a lovely time to flirt! It would be easy, for example, to overlook or misunderstand the due date on a limited- time, no-interest purchase. Serious Saturn spends much of the year in Virgo, the sign it will revisit next spring. Placed in your solar third house of communication, learning, and quick trips, all these activities will be emphasized as they have been since Saturn entered Virgo two years ago.

On a practical level you could need a new vehicle or major appliance this year.

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Stay on top of routine vehicle maintenance and if you sense a problem get it checked right away. Doing this could save you money. Learning is in the spotlight with Saturn in Virgo and you can thoroughly grasp any subject you study now partly because of your increased ability to concentrate and absorb information. Get the practical how-to skills you need for your career or a leisure-time pursuit. Details will come easily, but the big picture could get lost, so periodically take a step back and see how everything fits together.

Communication will be equally important, especially in close relationships, both business and personal. On the one hand Saturn will encourage you to open up, while on the other it will discourage the same. Just in case you feel you are in one such situation then all you need to do is stay calm and work it out patiently with your lover. Therefore, you will have a very good and romantic time with your lover and will also make your bond stronger than before.

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This period will give you the opportunity to come closer to each other and you will share intimacy with your lover during this period of time. There will be a surging rise in your love and romance and you will spend some romantic time together in each other's company.

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According to Cancer Love and Relationship Horoscope, those who are single may get into a love affair with their colleagues or co-worker this year. You may invest money in the renovation of your house that may become a costly affair for you this year according to the Cancer Family Horoscope. An auspicious work will be held at home front and you will receive the blessings of your parents which will bring in a positive flow of love and prosperity in the house. According to the Cancer Family horoscope , there are chances of you facing a dispute in regards to the ancestral property in the middle of the year but it will soon be resolved through internal discussion in the family and involvement of the elders of the house.

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As stated by Cancer family Horoscope, this year will not be good for your relationship with your siblings. You may plan to get involved in the family business from 15 th April to 16 th June We use cookies to optimize your experience on our website and to personalize content.

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